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Hurrah, I am finally starting the push-up challenge! As expected, I'm terrible at them, but that's alright. I'm sure I'll improve. And if I don't, well, nobody is watching me. Last weekend was horribly, horribly busy and I had a sudden bought of insomnia to boot. I got my to-do least down to a manageable level, at least. Also interviewed for a job I really really REALLY want so keep your fingers crossed, darling. I should be hearing back this weekend.

Since I worked so hard last week, this week I've been taking it easy. Mostly sleeping or checking out the events for Savannah Fashion Week. I got a haircut on Wednesday and spent the rest of the day walking around downtown. There is way too much stuff I haven't seen for as long as I've been in Savannah. I've also been drinking a lot more than usual (which is to say, I've been drinking at all), but it is hardly my fault that places I go keep offering free champagne or free chardonnay or free sangria. And what am I going to say to that? "No"? That would be rude. I also tried ice wine for the first time tonight, which was not free but definitely worth $12 for a glass.

I've been hit hard with a travel bug lately. I want to GO SOMEWHERE. But with moving in a week, class starting next month, and (God willing) a new job, there's just no time. Also I am broke as hell, so that does limit my options a little bit. Any chance one of you wants to whisk me away on a weekend adventure? And also pay for the whole thing? Hmm, didn't think so.
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